Tippero plays blackjack and bookie

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Tippero, the previously introduced IRC bot, has learnt two new tricks. Again, you can play them on #tippero.


Original announcement

As for the dice game, Tippero's blackjack is provably fair with full details availaible via !fair.

This is a fairly complete blackjack game. Resplit to 4, blackjack pays the full 3:2. A number of side bets are also available. Insurance available when the dealer's upcard is an ace. See more details with !help blackjack and !commands blackjack

Basic game:
!blackjack 0.1

Side bets (list available with !sidebets):
!blackjack 0.1 over13 buster

You'll play a normal Blackjack game, with the side bets over13 (bet the sum of your first two cards scores over 13), and buster (bet that the dealer busts - the more cards it takes, the higher your payout!)

Side games are independent from the main game. If you lose a side bet, you still play the blackjack hand normally. See the list of available side bets with !sidebets.

Blackjack house edge is around half a percent. It might be between 0.4% and 0.6%


You can bet on real world events (sports games, etc). The first book was just open for the upcoming American football Superbowl game.

To see open book: !book

To bet 20 monero on a particular team: !bet seahawks 20

Tippero bookie games are not made on specific odds, but based on all the bets on this book. Winners share the total amount (minus 1% bookie fee) bet on a book, so if total bets are roughly the same on each team, winners will get about 2× their wager. Similarly, people betting alone on the underdog will win more if the underdog wins.

You can only bet on a single outcome per book. Books are expected to be closed to new bets when appropriate to stay fair to people who bet earlier. For sports games, this will be roughly when the game starts. Be sure to place your bets before that time.

World cricket championships are in February, and games will likely be included, so drop in in #tippero :)



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