Online Windows testing

I know a lot of folks work in Linux, and its rare that you have a Wndows environment to build in.

I have a spare Windows 7 box sitting around, and I've set it up so you can remote desktop connect to it. You can do it from Linux using reminna.

The PC has 2 gigs ram, and a Xeon E5450, and a 80 gig HDD.

So, its not a virtual machine - it's actually the windows desktop.

  • Option #1: Access without admin priviileges. 10 XMR for 3 months?. I can install the things you want as administrator, and you can login whenever.
  • Option #2: Access with admin priviileges. 50 XMR for 6 months? For this I will need some referral from someone I trust. We can figure it out.
  • Option #3: You're developing for Monero. Free access, verification needed.