Submultiples of Monero

Below are the the submultiples of Monero. There are based on the SI prefix, with the exception of tacoshi. The most commonly used prefixes are bolded.

Choose your wallet

Choose your wallet
Wallet Official Graphical Binaries Notes
Windows Mac Linux FreeBSD


What is XMR.TO?

XMR.TO is a gateway service to make any kind of bitcoin purchase in the world, using your moneroj. Thus, with the strong anonymity provided by Monero.

You can pay bitpay bills or any other bitcoin purchase, completely anonymously.

Many people keep paying for weak bitcoin tumblers to keep a good privacy while paying for goods with bitcoin. But you know the real deal, since you're in Monero, don't you? So just spend your moneroj directly!


Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-16

So, here we are, I did it again, so thats pretty awesome. In other development, I was approached by Fluffypony to become involved in missive podcasts! So, thats going to happen. We chatted today at some point and he's currently making it sound pretty. We never ironed out whether we would publish the podcast with this digest, so I'm just gonna go ahead and publish the digest.

Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-09


Like I said, I'm going to try and compile all the fun stuff that has happened in MoneroWorld (someone buy that domain!) in the past week, so the fluffyponies and farting unicorns and latapies can keep doing what they're doing, and us non-devs can keep finding bugs. If you can't code, you should try and run the code. If you can document that something doesn't work, and specifically how its not working, that can really help the core dev team.


Official stuff that happened on github ( I literally copied the pulse page)

Monero API .NET - Communicate with Monero Core applications easily!

Monero API .NET
API for data transmission and retrieval from Monero applications through the Microsoft .NET Framework

GitHub repository | NuGet package


Tippero plays blackjack and bookie

Tippero, the previously introduced IRC bot, has learnt two new tricks. Again, you can play them on #tippero.


Original announcement

As for the dice game, Tippero's blackjack is provably fair with full details availaible via !fair.

Press review, January 2015

Monero Mixxives

You probably heard of the Monero Missives, our regular newsletters.
But do you know the Monero Mixxives?

Vanderi is the resident DJ of Monero, entertaining the community for months. Notice how the titles of its mixes reflect the events of the time (like fhe "FUD fuck" or some dedicated mixes).

Monero torrent

We are proud to announce the release of a torrent of Monero for Windows. This gives you a one-step download with everything you need to run a node and GUI wallet on Windows. This torrent includes the blockchain, lightwallet.exe and simplewallet.exe. The complete torrents weights 2.4 Gb.

To download, open your favorite torrent application and enter the following magnet link (double click to select it all):


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