This is the alpha version of MoneroClub, I'd like to post today. May be you have some comments?

It's time to bring Monero to the new level! That's why MoneroClub has been created.

Similar to LocalBitcoins for BTC, this is P2P trading platform of any currency (fiat+BTC) for Monero. Bypassing the centralized exchanges, that should prevent the price from falling.

Perhaps, you post an advertisement as a "seller on the spot", reselling Monero and increasing the number (amount, database of) the "local" members. By expanding Monero users network in cities and regions as much as possible, all its members will have profited!

To make Monero REAL, we have to create its REAL use. Thanks to Monero's unique functions some things are going to happen next nearest time. MoneroClub is the first step to get Monero in a comfortable way.

So then brifly:

  • This is the possiblity to sell a large sum of coins without dropping the price. In fact, it is much more profitable to sell for current or even higher rate, changing coins immediately for BTC or local currency.
  • The chance to determinate the fixed/flexible price or using MoneroIndex at the moment +- any/some %.
  • Organization of a large Monero community worldwide (many cities, many locations)

If you are a monero's miner, an investor.. and interested in monero's growth, create an account (or two? ) ) on MoneroClub to support and let grow our community!

There are a lot of attractive ideas, the work is being actively curried out.

Technical Information

In MoneroClub you also find a price index MoneroIndex. This is the average actual price from all exchanges. API will be added soon

JSON with all currencies:

As a text for only one currency:

Pair BTC/USD taken from Currency pairs taken from European Central Bank

As an experiment the nodes will be created for those, who do not want to keep the whole blockchain, but only want to run an lightweight client. Just connect the wallet to the local bitcoin daemon as before:


Emails are the last century, outmoded and unsafe, spying from one and all. Here is no emails, registration and the whole support occur through bitmassage

By registration you get a pincode (once!). Mark it well! It won't be safed in our data base, we do not know it. So, if you lost the password, you can restore it only with a pincode manual through bitmassage support.

This is the Alpha-version of the project. It will be advanced and improved greatly. Any suggestions are welcome

I'm looking forward to your feedbak, may be someone likes to help with developing, marketing, support..