User profile with payment ID

When you create an account on, you can fill in some information like you biography, your gender… Now, you can also enter a Monero address (since Monero is unlinkable and untraceable, no one will get any detail about this address). You can also enter a payment ID. This is useful when someone receives a payment and want to check who is the originator. This not bulletproof since any one could just copy your payment ID, but this helps in bona fide situations.

Here's an example with the user David Latapie:

New version of Monero Client .NET v0.40.0

Version 0.40.0 focuses on compatibility between the latest core binaries and the GUI, thus, allowing v0.8.8.6 builds to be utilized.

Everything that was mentionned in the previous announcement about 0.39.0-rc.3 is also in this version. The main difference between these two versions is that 0.40.0 uses a stable release of bitmonerod ( instead of the experimental one.

Meet Tippero the tipping bot

Tippero is the newest addition to the services accepting Monero.
Tippero is an IRC based bot offering tipping and gaming services.

Coins based on the bitcoin codebase are typically easily added to an existing tipbot, such as Unek's, but CryptoNote coins do not use the Bitcoin based RPC, so no tipbot was available for Monero — until Tippero.

New version of Monero Client .NET

One of the three unofficial GUI wallet just get updated (0.39.0.rc.3).


  • Latest stable version of bitmonerod, "daemonized" bitmonerod and rpcwallet
  • Indonesian translation
  • Bugfixes (shutdown-related bugs, menu localization issue)

Plans for the future:

Monday Monero Missive #22

Hello, and welcome to our twenty-second Monero Monday Missive!

This is our first Missive for 2015, after a 2 week break over the end of December. We'd like to earnestly thank everyone for their support over the course of this year, and for joining us on the start of our Monero journey. We'd also like to take this opportunity to look back on the past 8 months, and see where we got to.

State of Monero: 2014

As an open-source project, Monero is built on the back of volunteers, contributors, and donations. So let's start with a financial report.

What is Monero

Monero is true electronic cash. It is secure, private, untraceable.

With the Monero open-source cryptocurrency, your privacy is better protected than with any other technology. No one can know how much money you own, where it comes from or where you spend it. Exactly like cash*, it is untraceable and unlinkeable. This is an improvement over Bitcoin which, contrary to popular belief, gives away even more information than a bank account number. is live!

The official site of the Monero Economy Group is live on the first day of the year!

There is an awful lot to do. What we need the most is designers (Drupal) and content creators although pretty soon it would be better to move to a larger webserver too. Please comment on how you'd like to participate - or even just to show your support with a nice comment!

Monday Monero Missive #21

Hello, and welcome to our twenty-first Monero Monday Missive!

Monday Monero Missive #20

Hello, and welcome to our twentieth Monero Monday Missive! We're combining last week's one with this week's, as last week's Missive was pulled down shortly after being put up due to breaking issues in the Windows build of Monero (since resolved). Thank you for your patience!

Major Updates

Monero, recommended update, please take note of new download links:

Monday Monero Missive #19

Hello, and welcome to our nineteenth Monero Monday Missive!

Major Updates


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