About us

What is MEW

The Monero Economy Workgroup (MEW) is a gathering of Monero users devoted to widen the visibility and use of the Monero cryptocurrency. MEW works hand in hand with the Monero core team, which focuses on the coding part of the cryptocurrency.

There are two sides of the Monero coin. Obverse is the core team, devoted to the technology i.e. coding. Reverse is MEW, devoted to the economy i.e. encouraging adoption, business opportunities... The edges of the coin are the gray area where coding and economy overlap.

Why this website

This website is meant to gather any Monero economy intiative and to be a landing page for investors, user and third party suppliers. Investors will learn why Monero is a useful asset for them, users will be able to find tutorial, use cases and places for feedback and third party suppliers will have a central location to advertise the Monero-compatible services.

How we work

Encouraging initiative is the credo of MEW. We welcome any person with knowledge in marketing, legal, networking, economy... to join. Even if MEW is formally a subscription-only organisation, there is no need to be an official member of MEW to help.

The Monero core team and MEW are independant of each others: no group can force the other to change its mind. A vote from the MEW doesn't imply the core team has to abide; in reverse, if the core team asks the MEW to do something, MEW is not obliged to follow suit. Therefore, no one feels like being controlled by the other. If a post seemed to imply than one govering body rules above the other, it would be a misinterpretation and should be replied to by pointing to this FAQ entry.

How to register

  1. Send between 60 and 1010 XMR[1] to mew.moneroaddress.org (there is 10 XMR or handling fees) with a mixin of 3[2]
  2. Send a message via the contact form with your paiment ID[3] and the nick you wish to use. If you already have an account on the MEW website, please mention the nick you are registered with.
  3. An account will be created for you on the MEW website, with access to members sections (if you already have an account, it will be upgraded). You will a mail confirming your registration.

Note there is a yearly renewal fee of 10% of you registration, due in January (even if you registered in December, so plan accordingly)

[1] There is 10 XMR of handling fees on top of the votes you purchase. The minimum of 60 will be lowered as XMR valuation grows higher
[2] If you don't know what that that means, just ignore this part - Poloniex recently moved to 3 and mymonero is already 3 by default.
[3] On Unix (Mac, Linux and FreeBSD), you can generate your paiment ID with this command line: openssl rand -hex 32. For windows, type 64 alphanumeric character (lowercase only), like this 0312f0e4cf4d623dcafae7037e1f8a39331b493f6a99c78b6e69de1b1d4ad69a (do NOT use this one, at least change some characters).