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Submultiples of Monero

Below are the the submultiples of Monero. There are based on the SI prefix, with the exception of tacoshi. The most commonly used prefixes are bolded.

Submultiples of Monero
Denomination Amount Symbol
Decinero 0.1 XMR dXMR
Centinero 0.01 XMR cXMR
Millinero 0.001 XMR mMR
Micronero 0.000001 XMR μXMR or uXMR[1]
Tacoshi 0.00000001 XMR tac[2]
Nanonero 0.000000001 XMR nXMR
Piconero 0.000000000001 XMR pXMR[3]


  1. Since the Greek letter mu (μ) is difficult to type on some keyboards, the visually similar letter u is a common replacement (like for μtorrent/utorrent)
  2. Originally, tacoshi was a joke proposal for the name of the lowest multiple of Monero (thus it was a synonym for piconero). As Monero is increasingly being accepted up to the eight decimals, the need for a name for the one-millionth of Monero became more prevalent. Tacoshi fills this exact niche: the usually smallest amount of Monero available 
  3. Monero, like Bitcoin, in indefinitely divisible so, technically, a femtonero could be possible… but unlikely.

If you are interested in the making of the submultiples, you can read David Latapie's eponymous blog entry.

Choose your wallet

Choose your wallet
Wallet Official Graphical Binaries Notes
Windows Mac Linux FreeBSD
simplewallet ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) Source
Monero Client .NET ✔ (d/l) Full node or remote node
Qt GUI Source, full node only
lightWallet ✔ (d/l) Source, full node or remote node, torrent with binaries + blockchain Author is a core dev
CryptoNoteWallet Source
Choose your wallet
Wallet simplewallet Monero Client .NET Qt GUI lightWallet CryptoNoteWallet
Binaries Windows ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l) ✔ (d/l)
Mac ✔ (d/l)
Linux ✔ (d/l)
FreeBSD ✔ (d/l)
Open source
Notes Source Full node or remote node Source, full node only Source, full node or remote node, torrent with binaries + blockchain Author is a core dev, code will eventually be open sourced Source

Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-16

So, here we are, I did it again, so thats pretty awesome. In other development, I was approached by Fluffypony to become involved in missive podcasts! So, thats going to happen. We chatted today at some point and he's currently making it sound pretty. We never ironed out whether we would publish the podcast with this digest, so I'm just gonna go ahead and publish the digest. Because the missive contains (and will continue to contain, in the future) real in depth development information straight from the horses mouth (yes, the puns are hard to avoid), I'm going to focus the digest on the other stuff that I can glean from the interwebs.

I had prettied this all up and then the website went screwy and I hadn't copied and pasted it into a document before hitting "create thread" so now all that effort POOF into the dark realms of the interwebs.

UPDATE: Apparently fluffy and I's podcast didn't sound good and we don't want people hearing crap the first time around and going "well I aint never gonna listen to THAT again" so we're gonna give it a go again this upcoming weekend. But trust me, there was cool stuff talked about. Aight. Now I'm gonna try prettying up this post again. Don't fail me now experimental magic forum software of awesomeness.

Bitcointalk • IRC • Stats • Donations

Bitcointalk Digest: pg 1025 - 1038



Price speculations



Talks and docs



Other cryptos


To be removed?



(the internet-relay-chat (IRC) monero chatroom)

  • Some talk on wordlists for mneumonic seeds
  • I get help making my wallet PC talk to my daemon PC
  • Some type of lock signature can be used to create bonds
  • People advertise different faucets
  • I get some lessons in tunneling
  • davidlatapie announces he's making a monero manual
  • People report they still can't register on
  • A lot of trading talk due to DRK spike
  • David L's analysis of ring sigs, zero knowledge proofs, coinjoin
  • Someone gets some help setting up their openalias
  • More talk re: wordlists
  • Discussion about using Monero / Cryptonote as a voting system
  • Multiple addresses in bitcoin compared to single address of monero
  • Lots of people raining XMR on everyone.
  • A bug pops up in tippero, moneromoo fixes immediately
  • someone thinks we need a presence in the poloniex box
  • Hey, we should use more exchanges. OTC is good too.
  • Points raised regarding POS coins, securities fraud, and exchanges. Gov's could just sieze 51% of the total coin supply.
  • New idea for bookie bet on tippero – when will an exchange get hacked?
  • Rubberhose cryptanalysis keeps making appearances. I should google this.
  • Discussion re: how many computers are hashing on the networking. David L's workin on somethin.


  • Jojatekok and moneromoo work out some transaction ID stuff for Joja's GUI, fluffypony eventually comes along. Joja proposes a txid->string map, so you know what you've spent and where, all in your wallet software (so not in the public database). Would enable accounting.
  • Mneumonic seed words here too!
  • Someone's gonna write love letters with desoxyibonucleic
  • Chatter about how to prevent slightly different IRC user name scam thing. Bots can do it somehow.
  • Warptangent has some commits.
  • Jojatekok looks like he's debugging his GUI s'more. Lots of folks help out.
  • Jojatekok really goin to town on the mobile wallet effort.
  • Ooh, pedantics back in regards to a push request of a branch that apparently no one has tested.
  • Never ever do a force push! (obvious jokes follow)

Super secret channel of awesomesauce:


  This week Last week % change
Market cap 6621 BTC 7011 -5.56
Price 0.00105336 BTC 0.00113623 -7.3
24 hours volume 39 61 -36.1
Network hashrate 11.31 Mh/sec 11.97 -5.51
Difficulty 711620081 753316388 -5.54
Coingecko rank 13 13 0
Blockchain height 439520    
Last reward 11.5973 XMR 11.7072  

Network Distribution

Big pools Small pools

Market Comparison

Coinmarketcap grab

Fun Facts!

  • Across all IRC channels I was reporting on, there were 41 unique individuals actively participating in conversation over the week.
  • Approximately 15 XMR was rained (just given out).
  • Exactly 3.0953493449 XMR was tipped.


Holy cheeseballs this took almost 4 hours. But I also managed to get my openalias to work.

And if you want to include a payment ID, here's one: 45766572796f6e652073686f756c6420757365204d6f6e65726f212121212121
Which is the hex conversion of: Everyone should use Monero!!!!!!

And while it took me 4 hours to just compile this digest, imagine how long it takes to actually build monero! Like, yah know, with CODE and stuff.
Core dev donation:

Tippero plays blackjack and bookie

Tippero, the previously introduced IRC bot, has learnt two new tricks. Again, you can play them on #tippero.


Original announcement

As for the dice game, Tippero's blackjack is provably fair with full details availaible via !fair.

This is a fairly complete blackjack game. Resplit to 4, blackjack pays the full 3:2. A number of side bets are also available. Insurance available when the dealer's upcard is an ace. See more details with !help blackjack and !commands blackjack

Basic game:
!blackjack 0.1

Side bets (list available with !sidebets):
!blackjack 0.1 over13 buster

You'll play a normal Blackjack game, with the side bets over13 (bet the sum of your first two cards scores over 13), and buster (bet that the dealer busts - the more cards it takes, the higher your payout!)

Side games are independent from the main game. If you lose a side bet, you still play the blackjack hand normally. See the list of available side bets with !sidebets.

Blackjack house edge is around half a percent. It might be between 0.4% and 0.6%


You can bet on real world events (sports games, etc). The first book was just open for the upcoming American football Superbowl game.

To see open book: !book

To bet 20 monero on a particular team: !bet seahawks 20

Tippero bookie games are not made on specific odds, but based on all the bets on this book. Winners share the total amount (minus 1% bookie fee) bet on a book, so if total bets are roughly the same on each team, winners will get about 2× their wager. Similarly, people betting alone on the underdog will win more if the underdog wins.

You can only bet on a single outcome per book. Books are expected to be closed to new bets when appropriate to stay fair to people who bet earlier. For sports games, this will be roughly when the game starts. Be sure to place your bets before that time.

World cricket championships are in February, and games will likely be included, so drop in in #tippero :)

Press review, January 2015

Monero Mixxives

You probably heard of the Monero Missives, our regular newsletters.
But do you know the Monero Mixxives?

Vanderi is the resident DJ of Monero, entertaining the community for months. Notice how the titles of its mixes reflect the events of the time (like fhe "FUD fuck" or some dedicated mixes).

Monero mixxives

Alos, sharing them is a great way to increase the visibility of the Monero brand.


Some dedicated songs:

Monero torrent

We are proud to announce the release of a torrent of Monero for Windows. This gives you a one-step download with everything you need to run a node and GUI wallet on Windows. This torrent includes the blockchain, lightwallet.exe and simplewallet.exe. The complete torrents weights 2.4 Gb.

To download, open your favorite torrent application and enter the following magnet link (double click to select it all):


Remember to keep seeding after you downloaded, to make the download faster for the ones who come after you.

Below are md5 and virus scans

  • md5sum a8f6baf1ae8ac9ad8970f79c0430165d 
  • md5sum bitmonerod.exe: a8f6baf1ae8ac9ad8970f79c0430165d 
  • md5sum lightWallet.exe: 6e9aa82cd7388aaf5e408d4a8adb883e
  • md5sum simplewallet.exe: d65a3970a03eb2f6f8f2e3e480c42b8e

The executables have been scanned with virustotal. lighWallet.exe has three positives (probably false), the others have none.

User profile with payment ID

When you create an account on, you can fill in some information like you biography, your gender… Now, you can also enter a Monero address (since Monero is unlinkable and untraceable, no one will get any detail about this address). You can also enter a payment ID. This is useful when someone receives a payment and want to check who is the originator. This not bulletproof since any one could just copy your payment ID, but this helps in bona fide situations.

Here's an example with the user David Latapie:

Example of payment ID on a profile for

You can create your own payment ID on Unix (Linux and Mac OS X) by entering the following command: openssl rand -hex 32.

New version of Monero Client .NET v0.40.0

Version 0.40.0 focuses on compatibility between the latest core binaries and the GUI, thus, allowing v0.8.8.6 builds to be utilized.

Everything that was mentionned in the previous announcement about 0.39.0-rc.3 is also in this version. The main difference between these two versions is that 0.40.0 uses a stable release of bitmonerod ( instead of the experimental one.

There is a localization project in Transifex too! As always, you are welcome to report bugs and give feedbacks, as well as to  donate to the development team.

Announcement on Bitcointalk:

Meet Tippero the tipping bot

Tippero is the newest addition to the services accepting Monero.
Tippero is an IRC based bot offering tipping and gaming services.

Coins based on the bitcoin codebase are typically easily added to an existing tipbot, such as Unek's, but CryptoNote coins do not use the Bitcoin based RPC, so no tipbot was available for Monero — until Tippero.

Tippero operates two main services: tipping, and gaming. Anyone can open a Tippero account by sending some moneros to the bot, and then spend it. If you're on #monero, you're likely to already have a small amount of moneros already waiting for you, courtesy of some people who tipped everyone in the channel. You can tip others too: use !tip fluffypony 2 to tip fluffypony 2 moneros. All Tippero commands start with a ! sign.

If you're feeling lucky, you can use these moneros to gamble, and maybe multiply your stash. Tippero offers a provably fair dice betting game with very affordable minimum bet (one millinero, a thousandth of a monero). Use !help dice and !commands dice for more information.

Currently, Tippero is only IRC-based, but plans are underway to allow it to access Reddit and Twitter, making it available to a much wider audience. Other games will also be added in the near future.

Here are a few basic commands to get you started:
!help — Tippero will send you a message with basic help
!commands — Tippero will send you a message with all its commands
!commands dice — Another message with more info about dice commands
!help payment — info about your own account - do not forget the payment ID!
!dice 0.5 2 — Bet half a monero on dice, receiving twice your bet if you win

You're welcome to come and play in the #tippero channel, where other gambling afficionados are hanging out. Heavy playing should be done in the #tippero channel, where betting spam is welcome. You can also play privately with Tippero (/query tippero will open a new IRC window with Tippero only), but this is less fun.


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