Monero torrent

We are proud to announce the release of a torrent of Monero for Windows. This gives you a one-step download with everything you need to run a node and GUI wallet on Windows. This torrent includes the blockchain, lightwallet.exe and simplewallet.exe. The complete torrents weights 2.4 Gb.

To download, open your favorite torrent application and enter the following magnet link (double click to select it all):


Remember to keep seeding after you downloaded, to make the download faster for the ones who come after you.

Below are md5 and virus scans

  • md5sum a8f6baf1ae8ac9ad8970f79c0430165d 
  • md5sum bitmonerod.exe: a8f6baf1ae8ac9ad8970f79c0430165d 
  • md5sum lightWallet.exe: 6e9aa82cd7388aaf5e408d4a8adb883e
  • md5sum simplewallet.exe: d65a3970a03eb2f6f8f2e3e480c42b8e

The executables have been scanned with virustotal. lighWallet.exe has three positives (probably false), the others have none.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 17409 bytes) in /home/xmrmoner/public_html/modules/update/update.module on line 824