Monero dev team seems to be too sluggish, does not?

(From fluffypony) We are far from sluggish. All 7 of the core team members have to earn a living. Each of us can spend 14 hours a day on Monero, but then we need to draw an hourly payment to cover our time. Thus far we have received well under 1 BTC in donations, a trivial amount. That means that all of our time and energy and effort is completely self-funded.  We are not sitting on mountains of XMR, this is a cryptocurrency that had an absolutely 100% fair launch. Given the current size of the cryptocurrency market I would argue that it had an even fairer launch than Bitcoin, because tons of people jumped on and mined it from day one. We had no opportunity to amass any sizeable amount of XMR. Thus, our entire effort is a labour of love and completely because we want to see XMR become useful. If we get no donations, we are unable to spend large amounts of time on it, and we will have to peck away at it in our spare time. If you want to see less "sluggishness" (i.e. more time allocated), then donate. If you haven't donated you have absolutely no room to manoeuvre in this discussion.