Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-09

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Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-09

Like I said, I'm going to try and compile all the fun stuff that has happened in MoneroWorld (someone buy that domain!) in the past week, so the fluffyponies and farting unicorns and latapies can keep doing what they're doing, and us non-devs can keep finding bugs. If you can't code, you should try and run the code. If you can document that something doesn't work, and specifically how its not working, that can really help the core dev team.


Official stuff that happened on github ( I literally copied the pulse page)

Pull request merged (1)

Merged #221 Last fixes for ARM / 32-bit compatibility

Pull request proposed (1)

Proposed #222 Pull in mikezackles' daemonize changes from upstream dev branch

Issues closed (7, 2 persons) 

  • Closed #210 getblocktemplate should return previous block ID
  • Closed #120 Build error on Odroid U3 / Arch
  • Closed #199 Transaction would be too large
  • Closed #207 How to use the wallet.bin generated by windows simplewallet in linux
  • Closed #78 Move from VS to mingw64
  • Closed #75 Abstract blockchain functions for database access
  • Closed #19 Testnet required

Issues created (1, 1 person) 

  • Opened #223 bitmonerod doesn't exit gracefully.

Unresolved conversations (3)

Sometimes conversations happen on old items that aren't yet closed. Here is a list of all the Issues and Pull Requests with unresolved conversations.

  • 4 new comments Open #217 2014 network limit 1.0a +utils +toc -doc -drmonero
  • 2 new comments Open #107 enhancement request: option to disable upnp
  • 1 new comment Open #87 Raw blockchain + autodownload/autoload

Random observations

( I assume that some know what this means, and folks like me, well, we don't)

Something goin on with wall flags, and perhaps cleaning up pedantics in the next 6 months. Its a good thing too, because those pedantics, well, they'll just get to yah. Little pedantic bunnies under the radiator.

Other developments

Bitcointalk Digest

Main ANN thread (not gonna do speculation thread)


I didn't save the log (because I just figured out how to filter out people leaving / entering), but there was a F A N T A S T I C back and forth between some dude and the rest of the people in the channel, where the dude seemed stuck on the fact that because you can't trace Monero, its worthless as a currency, because then you can't tell that I sent my money to you (or something along those lines). For those of you that were there, you know what I'm talking about.


  • Market cap: 7011 BTC
  • Price: 0.00113623
  • 24 hr volume: 61 BTC
  • Network hasrate: 11.97 Mh/sec
  • Difficulty: 753316388
  • Blockchain height: 429629
  • Last reward: 11.7072 XMR
  • Coingecko rank: 13

Future stats, if I can figure out how to manipulate text data from bitcointalk and hexchat easily:

  • Number of unique users active on thread
  • Number of unique users active on #monero-dev and #monero

Congratulations Gingeropolous for this first Moneroworld digest!

Great Job, Keep them coming.

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