Planned actions

A rather long list of things to do, open the whole entry to see it (this very sentence takes advantage of the "summary" field).

I'm newcomer

This blog entry to show that anyone can enter random thoughts about Monero on its own blog (and the entry will appear in the blog stream ("blogs" on the menu bar).

How to submit new content

I'm pretty excited with this website. To have a wiki, a multi-blogs, a static website, a forum and hopefully more (like e-commerce) under the same site will be great. Hail Drupal.
I started to give some direction to would-be content providers. I paste here so that you can get inspiration from it.

Mon premier billet en français

Drupal est multilingue, moi aussi.

introducing dat monero website

(all in uppercase, because i'm leet)

Hey everyone,

So this is it, yet-another-monero-website. I'm an old fan of Drupal, but I needed a project which would require it and none of my pet projects so far were big enough or else I did not have time or anything.

Anyway, the goal is to have a properly-code, future-proof website with a static website, blogs (for each user) and forum, also a wiki and latter an e-comerce section. All with the same software.

Let's see if it works and tell me in comments. Worst-case scenario, I had some fun!


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