OpenBazaar can be started to develop without multisig, people can/will provide escrow-service on privat basic. we can save this time greatly and implement multisig later.

Look at monero's price. Price falls easy and quickly, but much more complicated to return it. Falling of price reflects a belief from people and determines their hope. And look at darkoin.

In fact, they lead an agressive marketing politik everywhere possible, not only of done things, but even plan or ideas. cryptomarket is very fast, non-constant, they may will change their ideas depending on the market demand, but they are creating the area that people discuss constantly and talk about. That's why their capitalization 5.5 times more than monero's.

Cryptoworld moves headily, I think it won't be many competitors soon - an early bird catches an early worm.. In addition, real people don't matter of technology or perfectionism, they accept the fist "anonymous" coin they have , no matter "real anonymity" or not real. main thing is marketing, and unfortunately monero's missing marketing

"Original" OpenBazaar is as good as ready, I looked at its functionality. something is lacking, or not working perfectly, but we can keep step with them, and catch the first place just after them.