Submultiples of Monero

I write it as a blog entry and not a news entry because this is not official, although this is what we use for tippero (the tipbot and dicegame on IRC, join #monero or #tippero).

On September 28, Tacotime proposed that we use ISO submultiples. Three days later, on October 1st, I proposed to add an apheresis (truncating the beginning of a word, so that we stick to a manageable amout of syllables (four syllables, which is already one more than the suggested maximum).

oct. 01 01:54:05 <davidlatapie>    Guys some days ago, there was a semi-serious discussion about the name for the submultiples of Monero and someone mentionned SI is good. Problem is, it ends up with a lot of syllables. So this night I had an epiphany (yeah I know; couldn't resist). Apheresis is my solution
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Decinero 1 dXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Centinero 2 cXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Millinero 3 mXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Micronero 6 uXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Nanonero 9 nXMR
oct. 01 01:54:08 <davidlatapie>    Piconero 12 pXMR

Then I proposed it publicly on dnaleor' thread Names for the various amounts of Monero and on December 23rd, I proposed it to moneromoo when we were testing tippero.

déc. 23 02:21:39 <davidlatapie>    ISO + apheresis
déc. 23 02:21:51 <davidlatapie>    In the core team, we are interested in ISO
déc. 23 02:21:58 <davidlatapie>    apheresis is my addition
déc. 23 02:22:10 <davidlatapie>    to avoid too long of a name
déc. 23 02:22:32 <moneromooo>      apheresis being.. removal of the prefix "mo" ?
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    decinero  1 dXMR
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    centinero 2 cXMR
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    millinero 3 mXMR
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    micronero 6 uXMR
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    nanonero  9 nXMR
déc. 23 02:23:05 <davidlatapie>    piconero 12 pXMR

So here it is. And if you wonder why we have nanonero (yes, I know this particular alliteration is not great) and piconero, this is because Monero has 12 decimal place (compared to to Bitcoin's 8 decimal places, although in both cases it is infinitely extensible). Not that nano and pico will be used anytime soon (particularly nanonero). 



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