I can't access my wallet! Help!

  1. The solutions below also work when you just are away from your computer and want to access your wallet from somewhere else.
  2. As a reminder, the command-line to open your wallet is (under Linux):
    cd ~/bitmonero/build/release/src && rlwrap ./simplewallet --wallet-file=wallet.bin
    (wallet.bin being the name of your wallet - if you did not install the useful rlwrap, just skip it from the line with only ./simplewallet…)
  3. Check the name of the wallet, maybe you just mistyped the wallet's name. Look for a file ending in .bin in %Appdata%bitmonero (Windows) or ~/.bitmonero (Mac and Linux, mind the leading dot).
  4. If you don't have a mnemonic seed (wallets created before 10th of June 2014 and never upgraded or you just lost it), you must have both the password and a .bin.keys file (the .bin is unimportant). If you don't have both, your wallet and its moneroj are unrecoverable (save by bruteforcing the password). (instruction for generating a wallet from the .bin.keys goes here).
  5. If you do have a mnemonic seed, use the --restore-deterministic-wallet flag when running your simplewallet, it will ask you for a NEW wallet name, a NEW wallet password, and then the previous 24 word string that was given to you when the original wallet file was created.

Note: if, when typing "seed", you get "unknown command", this means you are using the old version of simplewallet. Please upgrade to the latest version.