How can I help/donate/contribute?

You can donate time and skill by joining a creating a project. Join the #monero-dev IRC channel on freenode or contact the devs. All coding work is summarized in plain English on github when there is a commit and the major achievements are summarised in the Monero Missives. You don't even have to be a coder to contribute. Advertisement, design, campaign ideas, promotion, legal consultin… All of this matters for the success of Monero and doesn't require coding skills.

You can also donate money, either BTC or XMR (fiat may come later)

  • XMR:
    • OpenAlias address:
    • regular address: 46BeWrHpwXmHDpDEUmZBWZfoQpdc6HaERCNmx1pEYL2rAcuwufPN9rXHHtyUA4QVy66qeFQkn6sfK8aHYjA3jk3o1Bv16em
    • viewkey: e422831985c9205238ef84daf6805526c14d96fd7b059fe68c7ab98e495e5703
  • BTC:
    • openalias address (no BTC wallets supports it at the moment):
    • regular address: 1FhnVJi2V1k4MqXm2nHoEbY5LV7FPai7bb

There is a Monero Community Hall of Fame thread to raise funds and advertise your donations.