Submultiples of Monero

Below are the the submultiples of Monero. There are based on the SI prefix, with the exception of tacoshi. The most commonly used prefixes are bolded.

Submultiples of Monero
Denomination Amount Symbol
Decinero 0.1 XMR dXMR
Centinero 0.01 XMR cXMR
Millinero 0.001 XMR mMR
Micronero 0.000001 XMR μXMR or uXMR[1]
Tacoshi 0.00000001 XMR tac[2]
Nanonero 0.000000001 XMR nXMR
Piconero 0.000000000001 XMR pXMR[3]


  1. Since the Greek letter mu (μ) is difficult to type on some keyboards, the visually similar letter u is a common replacement (like for μtorrent/utorrent)
  2. Originally, tacoshi was a joke proposal for the name of the lowest multiple of Monero (thus it was a synonym for piconero). As Monero is increasingly being accepted up to the eight decimals, the need for a name for the one-millionth of Monero became more prevalent. Tacoshi fills this exact niche: the usually smallest amount of Monero available 
  3. Monero, like Bitcoin, in indefinitely divisible so, technically, a femtonero could be possible… but unlikely.

If you are interested in the making of the submultiples, you can read David Latapie's eponymous blog entry.



Nice submultiples, Tacoshi especially.

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