Monday Moneroworld Digest 2015-02-16

So, here we are, I did it again, so thats pretty awesome. In other development, I was approached by Fluffypony to become involved in missive podcasts! So, thats going to happen. We chatted today at some point and he's currently making it sound pretty. We never ironed out whether we would publish the podcast with this digest, so I'm just gonna go ahead and publish the digest. Because the missive contains (and will continue to contain, in the future) real in depth development information straight from the horses mouth (yes, the puns are hard to avoid), I'm going to focus the digest on the other stuff that I can glean from the interwebs.

I had prettied this all up and then the website went screwy and I hadn't copied and pasted it into a document before hitting "create thread" so now all that effort POOF into the dark realms of the interwebs.

UPDATE: Apparently fluffy and I's podcast didn't sound good and we don't want people hearing crap the first time around and going "well I aint never gonna listen to THAT again" so we're gonna give it a go again this upcoming weekend. But trust me, there was cool stuff talked about. Aight. Now I'm gonna try prettying up this post again. Don't fail me now experimental magic forum software of awesomeness.

Bitcointalk • IRC • Stats • Donations

Bitcointalk Digest: pg 1025 - 1038



Price speculations



Talks and docs



Other cryptos


To be removed?



(the internet-relay-chat (IRC) monero chatroom)

  • Some talk on wordlists for mneumonic seeds
  • I get help making my wallet PC talk to my daemon PC
  • Some type of lock signature can be used to create bonds
  • People advertise different faucets
  • I get some lessons in tunneling
  • davidlatapie announces he's making a monero manual
  • People report they still can't register on
  • A lot of trading talk due to DRK spike
  • David L's analysis of ring sigs, zero knowledge proofs, coinjoin
  • Someone gets some help setting up their openalias
  • More talk re: wordlists
  • Discussion about using Monero / Cryptonote as a voting system
  • Multiple addresses in bitcoin compared to single address of monero
  • Lots of people raining XMR on everyone.
  • A bug pops up in tippero, moneromoo fixes immediately
  • someone thinks we need a presence in the poloniex box
  • Hey, we should use more exchanges. OTC is good too.
  • Points raised regarding POS coins, securities fraud, and exchanges. Gov's could just sieze 51% of the total coin supply.
  • New idea for bookie bet on tippero – when will an exchange get hacked?
  • Rubberhose cryptanalysis keeps making appearances. I should google this.
  • Discussion re: how many computers are hashing on the networking. David L's workin on somethin.


  • Jojatekok and moneromoo work out some transaction ID stuff for Joja's GUI, fluffypony eventually comes along. Joja proposes a txid->string map, so you know what you've spent and where, all in your wallet software (so not in the public database). Would enable accounting.
  • Mneumonic seed words here too!
  • Someone's gonna write love letters with desoxyibonucleic
  • Chatter about how to prevent slightly different IRC user name scam thing. Bots can do it somehow.
  • Warptangent has some commits.
  • Jojatekok looks like he's debugging his GUI s'more. Lots of folks help out.
  • Jojatekok really goin to town on the mobile wallet effort.
  • Ooh, pedantics back in regards to a push request of a branch that apparently no one has tested.
  • Never ever do a force push! (obvious jokes follow)

Super secret channel of awesomesauce:


  This week Last week % change
Market cap 6621 BTC 7011 -5.56
Price 0.00105336 BTC 0.00113623 -7.3
24 hours volume 39 61 -36.1
Network hashrate 11.31 Mh/sec 11.97 -5.51
Difficulty 711620081 753316388 -5.54
Coingecko rank 13 13 0
Blockchain height 439520    
Last reward 11.5973 XMR 11.7072  

Network Distribution

Big pools Small pools

Market Comparison

Coinmarketcap grab

Fun Facts!

  • Across all IRC channels I was reporting on, there were 41 unique individuals actively participating in conversation over the week.
  • Approximately 15 XMR was rained (just given out).
  • Exactly 3.0953493449 XMR was tipped.


Holy cheeseballs this took almost 4 hours. But I also managed to get my openalias to work.

And if you want to include a payment ID, here's one: 45766572796f6e652073686f756c6420757365204d6f6e65726f212121212121
Which is the hex conversion of: Everyone should use Monero!!!!!!

And while it took me 4 hours to just compile this digest, imagine how long it takes to actually build monero! Like, yah know, with CODE and stuff.
Core dev donation:



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