Updates website 2015-01-17

  • I installed the advanced forum module. Not much improvement, mostly to see how it goes. https://xmrmonero.com/forum
  • MEW forum are now hidden
  • Only MEW members can have their blog
  • Old FAQ location moved to new site.
  • http://xmrmonero.com doesn't redirect to https://xmrmonero.com. ArticMine is working on it.
  • We are considering reaching class B as defined by no-www.org "Our ideal scene is one where non-specialized sites accept traffic on the www host name, but silently redirect it to the bare domain name. This is what no-www calls Class B. However, any site that takes in traffic one way or the other on both the www host and the bare domain are acceptable here."



If you think that filling the mcvoice customer satisfaction survey is waste of time, absolutely it is wrong. Your feedback would help the organization a lot. McDonald’s is a brand restaurant that always adds a new item to their menu and updates themselves frequently.