Monero Mixxives - my favourite tracks

Ma favourites tracks of Vanderi's musical contribution to Monero, the Monero Mixxives. Each time, the title has a link to the mix itself (so if you want the rel experience, this is what you should click on) and the tracks have links found on the net - usually YouTube.

I hope you'll appreciate it!

Monero Mixxives 1

7. <Track 7>
8. Arno Cost & Greg Cerron - Nightventure
9. Jochen Simms - You're Not Alone (Manuel De La Mare vs Will Gold remix)

Monero Mixxives defined

1. Frankox - No Fear
5. <Track 5>
7. Cedric Gervais vs. Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful (Remix)
9. Thomas Gold - Remember (feat Kaelyn Behr)
11. Gemini - Fire Inside (feat Greta Svabo Bech)
14. James Talk & Ridney - West End girls (2009)

Monero Mixxives #2: The FUD Fuck

1. Basto! - Gregory's Theme (Extended Mix)
5. Funkagenda, Adam K - Drift (Original Club Mix)
8. Tim Berg - Bromance (Avicii's Arena Mix)

Monero Mixxives: 2015 Winter colours

4. Andrew Rayel - 5550 Senta (Aether Mix) 
10. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Sanctuary (Club Mix)

Monero Mixxives 2015 #2 BTCT Down

5. Denis Kenzo, Alexandra Bado - Lifetime Change (Club Mix)
6. Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix)
7. Sebastian Brandt - Serenade (Arctic Moon Remix)
8. Ruben De Ronde, Aelyn - What About You (A.Galchenko Remix)
9. Signum - Second Wave (Signum Signal Remake) (broken mix)
10. Ben Stone & Audiocells - Aegis (Original Mix)

TroyC and the warmly glowing future

6. Norin & Rad - That Was Easy (Original Mix)
8. Affkt - Aoub (Tube & Berger Remix)
9. Cedric Gervais vs. Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful (Remix)

Quanttek and the quantum theory of everything

1. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Original Mix)
2. Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts feat. Kristy Thirsk - Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel Remix)
3. C Quence - Endorphine (Arizona Remix) (Yeah!)
5. Vincent De Moor Pres Questia - Nexus Asia (Vincent De Moor Original Remix)
6. Lange vs. Gareth Emery - Another You Another Me
7. Sou Kanai feat. Claire Willis - Stay (original mix)
9- Absolute - Skyhigh
10. Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)

The dnaleor dedication transation

2. Tenishia - Shores Of Eden (Original Mix)
3. Yuri Kane - Right Back
4. Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado - Down To Love
8. Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind (Tenishia Burnout Mix)
9. Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Solar Stone Remix)
10. Super8 & Tab feat. Anton Sonin - Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix)

Othe and the deep house craving


update: unrelated to Monero, but I also listened Crème de la crème and here are the one I like:
1. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Fedde Le Grand Mix)
3. Coldplay - Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Mix)
10. Mr. Probz - 0Waves (Robin Schulz Mix)
11. Basto! - Gregory's Theme (Extended Mix)



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