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Things are accelerating for Monero

The database, although still not ready for prime time, is showing very promising results. This very website receive positive feedback from almost anyone who gave feedback. More importantly, on top of crypto-kingdom (that I will review another time), we now have two betting platforms.

One could say that dice betting game is not glorious. Well, I don't know if it is glorious or not, but what I know is that everytime I saw a coin having some dice betting platform, it increased in popularity. And I am not talking about BTC or CLAM, but lower ones like HYP and XMR, that I closely monitor. So, from a pragmatic point of view, dice betting is good, it increases visibility.

So, what are these two dice betting platforms?


The first one, you know it, this is the community-driven #tippero that we already covered here meet Tippero, the tipping bot. Tippero makes it particularly social to bet because playing is done in the chat windows (although playing by PM is possible).

It shall soon receive some upgrade for autoplay (PM only, if not it would just kill any social attempts). What I proposed:

janv. 20 16:18:33 <davidlatapie>   !autodice <base value> (mandatory) <multipler on win> (mandatory) <# of bets> (default is 10) [endonwin] [over|under]

endonwin means that if the last bet is a loss, the bot continues to play until it is a win. If endonwin is not mentionned, then the bot just stops once the countdown reaches zero, making it the default behaviour.

So a betting could end up like this: !autodice 0.001 2.1 1000 endonwin

Tippero won't include the possibility to invest, at least in short term. Contrary to the second platform…

cryptocoins-dice (CCD) is extremely new: it started yesterday. This looks like a promising platform (ANN on bitcointalk) is a provably fair dice-betting platform maintained by French-speaking Bobbax. The site currently proposes to bet or invest in three cryptocurrencies: the tried-and-true Dogecoin, the presently-popular Coin of the Magi and, of course, Monero. Bobbax said he chose Monero because it has no dice-betting competition yet. I'm sure I will succesfully convince him there are much more reasons to own some monero :)

XMR just beaten DOGE in term of bets

While I was writing this article, Bobbax informed me that "XMR just beaten DOGE in term of bets". Now that's a nice surprise - we are far from the idea of austere-looking privacy-conscious cypherpunks. Monero holders wnat to have fun too :) I checked by myself: Dogecoin: 100K bets; Magi: 66K bets; Monero: 158K bets. Monero gaining momentum, checked.

Flat design

Design-wise, is a win too. Flat design everywhere, giving a welcome feeling of lightweightness - I did not try on mobile, but I would not be surprised if CCD performed well here too. The choice of colours is good too.

Best of all worlds

Bobbax decided to "sit on the shoulder of giants" and reuse what works elsewere.

Keyboard shortcuts

So, on top of the usual (for cryptos) 1% house hedge, the site sports plenty of keyboard shortcuts to play the popular martingale-style without the mouse (C to double bet on loss, X to halve bet once won, H and L to play high or low and plenty of other shortcut). Inspiration here is clearly just-dice.


But CCD goes further and borrows one great idea from primedice: an in-browser bot. Longtime just-dice players know about the fantastically powerful Seuntje's bot (a Windows application). Without being that powerful, CCD's in-browser bot is much stronger than the primedice one. For start, it can be used with keyboard shortcuts too (B to start playing). Second, it offers "cut losses" and "take profit" options on top of the regular "max bets" and "actions on win"/"actions on loss". And it also has some useful stats (stats are your friend when bot-martingaling). Oh, one more thing™: the bot is fast! I mean, really fast. Just-dice greatly reduces the speed of playing with a bot by introducing quite a large delay. primedice's bot is just anemic and the whole interface is heavy on load. On the contrary, CCD's bot is just fast. Do not worry though: if you want to keep it to a humanly manageable level, you can introduce an artificial delay (500 ms between bets as default).


As I already mentionned, CCD allows to play with several cryptocurrencies. Presently, we basically have two kinds of dice-betting games: major sites like satoshi-dice, just-dice/doge-dige and primedice which allow only one crypto. And several average-at-best small sites allowing to play with other cryptos. CCD is, in my opinion, the first to combine the best of both worlds: quality interface/features and betting with several cryptos. It is also the major contender for the main Monero betting site (it is not the first betting site in Monero, though - there was one before, but it was a scam which never allowed to cashout).


I said earlier that Tippero won't include the possibility to invest, contrary to CCD. So, how does investment works?

It's really simple. You deposit money on your account (like for just-dice, you can avoid keeping an account but then it means you rely solely on cookies to keep your money - I don't recommend it). Once the money is deposited, you go to the "my invest" tab and deposit what you want. The site will take 10% of your investment profit when you divest, that's all. Exactly like just-dice. And of course, you can invest on all the currencies, not just one.

Multingual chat

Like the just-dice and primedice mammoths, cryptocoin-dice has a chat. Or rather several ones: there is presently an English and a French chat (the only multilingual chat I saw in crypto was on mcxnow, which is not a dice-betting platform). Granted, 99,5% of the activity is on the English site, but that could change. Especially if other popular languages like Chinese, Russian or Spanish are added in the future.

Like several chats (including the famous Poloniex trollbox), CCD has protips. They will surely grow in variety with time. The chat also has plenty of command line options (use /help for a list, 17 for the moment).

One exclusive thing that I instantly appreciated about the chat is the "character count". A dynamic "progress bar" shows you how far you are from hitting the limit. This is something that frustrates me immensely on Poloniex: text getting truncated without notice (at least you can see it before submitting, but still). With the awesome "progress bar", no more surprise anymore :)

The future

Frankly, I was so enthusiasted by CCD that I and other Monero believer superresistant proposed several features, which Bobbax is eager to implement (some already are on his test server):

  • add an "end of win" option, like Seuntje's bot. "End of win" means that, it the last roll during an automated bet is a loss, it will not stop but continue until a win
  • STOP IF BALANCE > THAN" WHATEVER the amount of bets. Because the way I understand it for now, if you reach maximum of bets before reaching you target, it stops
  • other suggestion, straight from Seuntje's dicebot: some stats for the bot, like "longest loss streak"
  • a referral system

Other features that Bobbax revealed on #cryptofr:

  • tipping from the chat
  • rainbot

Most of these features (and some others) have since been implemented in this update.

Bobbax won't rely on Tippero, though. He will use his own tipbot.

What about security?

Glad you asked.

First and foremost, check that gambling with something else than fiat or bitcoin is legal in your jurisdiction.

Second, check if organising a gamble with something else than fiat or bitcoin is legal in the jurisdiction of the owner of the betting platform. Which requires you know the owner :). In the case of tippero, the dev is moneromoo and the host is Riccardo Spagni, from South Africa. Their loyalty to Monero and honesty are beyond doubt. In the case of CCD, I investigated about Bobbax and I feel sufficiently confident that he won't run with the money. But this is NOT an endorsement! I decided I was ready to take the risk, which doesn't mean you should follow me blindly. As always with any investment, don't invest more than you can afford to lose (and please, NEVER gamble your rent money - yes, some people do it).

Third, what about the technical security? I asked Bobbax:

The domain have a DNS anti-poisoning protection, an anti-cybersquatting measure and the DNS is shared on 19 geographical positions. The server is DDoS protected and uses 3 Mitigation Multi-point in case of an attack.

On top of it, the site allows to use 2FA and has a cold wallet. Finally, I made the necessary arrangements to get informations about the rea-life identity of the owner.

I leave it to you to decide if this sounds like scalable and resilient enough for you.


XMR is on the move. Not for the price (yet) but for the ecosystem, if betting platforms mean anything. tippero will probably be the "circle of friends" trusted dice platform (and more games later, shhh) whilst CCD has the potential to become a big player, with a nice design, a nice betting platform, a nice investment platform, a nice chat and hopefully a reliable maintainer, but only time will tell.



I invested 100 XMR over the past 2 days.  I'm not a gambler but with the investing in the houses bank roll you can see some ROI over a long period.  I'm a miner first and formost but this is a way to store some of those XMR's I've made and earn a little in return.  Plus this helps Monero and also spreads the word about the coin.


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Great site! Clean, easy to use and suprising traffic for how long it's been up. Along with the features David outlined, Bobbax also plans on letting users swap coins--no real details yet--Bobbax plans on implementing it after rainbot, tip and rating system are in place. Good time to be in

What do you mean by swapping coins? Bobbax, would you give some exclusive to

User rating looks great too. Promising, definitely!

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I asked Bobbax in the chat room if users would be allowed to switch or trade coins while they're depositing in or out of the site, and Bobbax said that that was the plan but the features you listed above were the priority at the moment. Not really an exclusive--just asked him in chat. I'm sure (and I keep wanting to put him here) Bobbax will tell you the same thing.   wink


*On a side note, smileys aren't working for me.

Special thanks to David for this wonderful article. Games always been a necessary step to the crypto eco-system, I hope you'll enjoy the CCD features and also playing with Tippero which is a very nice IRC game bot.
I'm facing the Monero community for the first time and I'm pleased to meet a lot of really nice and dynamic peoples.

CCD is still a new website, but the incoming traffic is already impressive. This is due to all who are spreading the word and sending positive returns.
I can only be grateful to the peoples involved in the site's growth.

There is still much work to be done to make the experience better.
Generalizethis, as you said I'll work on a tipbot, rainbot, rating system, referrer system, and more.
On the long run, I'll implement a "coin swapper", which gives the possibility to change your coins for an other without the need of passing through an external 3rd party (an exchange).
Currently I only have few ideas for such system. The site must not losing money, remain fair with the users, while dealing with the price volatility.
At the moment my best candidate is an kind of small exchange, with bids and asks orders.

generalizethis's picture

Here's a gambling site that has a small exchange. If I see anymore, I'll definately post the information. Hopefully it will give you some inkling into what you think will work.


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