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A collection of quotes that I feel go well with one another. The first is about the trust to the Core Team. The second explains the why that Sinek is talking about when it comes to Monero. The third is; well, just me independantly saying what Chaum said better (but only for money, where I said for more than money).

The goal of these quote is to be reusable elsewhere.

People don't buy what you do; people buy why you do it.

Why auditing a cryptography system is particularly hard

Disclaimer: this is a blog, what is written here is only my opinion. And I do not have to only talk about Monero. Still, the post below is interesting not that much for Darkcoin, but for the state of crypto (whether it means cryptology or cryptocurrency)

What the very respected Andrew Poelstra, a.k.a. andytoshi, replied to a request from some Darkcoin holders to prove his claim that Darkcoin is broken.

The three pillars of Monero

I think this long answer to a request for information is worth sharing. Also available as a stand-alone webpage and on Reddit.

Wikipedia has "pillars", foundational commitments which guide its develoments. Similarly, Monero has three pillars.

Monero Mixxives - my favourite tracks

Ma favourites tracks of Vanderi's musical contribution to Monero, the Monero Mixxives. Each time, the title has a link to the mix itself (so if you want the rel experience, this is what you should click on) and the tracks have links found on the net - usually YouTube.

I hope you'll appreciate it!

Coindesk matrix of privacy applied to Monero

Coindesk published an eloquent article about Bitcoin, privacy and anonymity: It targets policy makers but is a great reading for everyone.

Of particular use for us is the "Coindesk matrix of privacy", because it locates where is cash/barter located. This is exactly where Monero is. True electronic cash.

Monero seats on the "cash/barter" location

Transfer cryptos by sound

Much like the 5G Li-FI can perform below the human sensory threshold ("invisible light"), one can imagine Monero transfer by sound could be below the human ATH.

Bet on Monero!

Things are accelerating for Monero

The database, although still not ready for prime time, is showing very promising results. This very website receive positive feedback from almost anyone who gave feedback. More importantly, on top of crypto-kingdom (that I will review another time), we now have two betting platforms.

Submultiples of Monero

I write it as a blog entry and not a news entry because this is not official, although this is what we use for tippero (the tipbot and dicegame on IRC, join #monero or #tippero).

On September 28, Tacotime proposed that we use ISO submultiples. Three days later, on October 1st, I proposed to add an apheresis (truncating the beginning of a word, so that we stick to a manageable amout of syllables (four syllables, which is already one more than the suggested maximum).

Monero and regulation

An interesting comment by my colleague of the Monero core team, tacotime:

McDonald's can't prove that money for a cheeseburger didn't come from drugs, and frankly, they don't care. A casino likewise dispenses cash and doesn't care where it's going below a certain amount.

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