Quote collection

A collection of quotes that I feel go well with one another. The first is about the trust to the Core Team. The second explains the why that Sinek is talking about when it comes to Monero. The third is; well, just me independantly saying what Chaum said better (but only for money, where I said for more than money).

The goal of these quote is to be reusable elsewhere.

People don't buy what you do; people buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek, 2009

The difference between a bad electronic cash system and well-developed digital cash will determine whether we will have a dictatorship or a real democracy.

David Chaum, 2009

Countless studies proved that people behave differently when they know they might be watched.

David Latapie, 2014



IP addresses can be used by anyone and even if anyone else is using the same 192.168.l.l, then it won’t be a problem because these are non-routable addresses