Monday Monero Missive #4

Hello, and welcome to our fourth Monero Missive!

Major Updates

  1. This week's Missive has been a little slow in coming because fluffypony has been en-route to Estonia to represent Monero at the Bitcoin Supernode Conference in Malla Castle. Thankfully, he has arrived safely, and the conference starts today (nickname'd and all). If you'd like to keep tabs on him over the next three days, he will be Tweeting as the conference progresses:
  2. Just in case you weren't aware, XMR has been added to two exchanges: BTer and MintPal!
  3. Work continues on the annotated CryptoNote whitepaper, the latest version of which can be found here: We have also begun a parallel analysis of the implementation of the concepts in the Monero code (most especially as it has been inherited from the reference implementation).
  4. We caught a bug where restoring a deterministic wallet would not find old transactions. This was due to the assumption that is made by simplewallet that a newly "created" wallet will never have old transactions in it. This has been patched, and will be merged up to master and included in updated binaries from the beginning of next week.
  5. We've been putting a lot of emphasis on making Monero a lot more stable and usable by pools, merchant systems, and exchanges. More details on our ongoing efforts in the dev diary below!
  6. Transaction auto-splitting has been testing quite well, and is just about ready to be included in the main codebase (subsequent to a few minor changes on the RPC side).

Dev Diary

Miner: huge changes to add AES-NI support in slow_hash

Core: tx auto-split testing successful, auto-split RPC call needs to have payment ID support added before being merged into master

Core: major overhaul to the daemon is in progress in mikezackles' repo ( Currently this is Linux / OS X only, and allows for the daemon to fork to the background properly (whilst still allowing daemon commands to be executed against it). Windows support by means of a Windows service will come later.

Core: along the same lines, simplewallet has been split out into simplewallet (CLI) and rpcwallet (stand-alone RPC daemon), ongoing work is on tewinget's branch (

Until next week!