Meet Tippero the tipping bot

Tippero is the newest addition to the services accepting Monero.
Tippero is an IRC based bot offering tipping and gaming services.

Coins based on the bitcoin codebase are typically easily added to an existing tipbot, such as Unek's, but CryptoNote coins do not use the Bitcoin based RPC, so no tipbot was available for Monero — until Tippero.

Tippero operates two main services: tipping, and gaming. Anyone can open a Tippero account by sending some moneros to the bot, and then spend it. If you're on #monero, you're likely to already have a small amount of moneros already waiting for you, courtesy of some people who tipped everyone in the channel. You can tip others too: use !tip fluffypony 2 to tip fluffypony 2 moneros. All Tippero commands start with a ! sign.

If you're feeling lucky, you can use these moneros to gamble, and maybe multiply your stash. Tippero offers a provably fair dice betting game with very affordable minimum bet (one millinero, a thousandth of a monero). Use !help dice and !commands dice for more information.

Currently, Tippero is only IRC-based, but plans are underway to allow it to access Reddit and Twitter, making it available to a much wider audience. Other games will also be added in the near future.

Here are a few basic commands to get you started:
!help — Tippero will send you a message with basic help
!commands — Tippero will send you a message with all its commands
!commands dice — Another message with more info about dice commands
!help payment — info about your own account - do not forget the payment ID!
!dice 0.5 2 — Bet half a monero on dice, receiving twice your bet if you win

You're welcome to come and play in the #tippero channel, where other gambling afficionados are hanging out. Heavy playing should be done in the #tippero channel, where betting spam is welcome. You can also play privately with Tippero (/query tippero will open a new IRC window with Tippero only), but this is less fun.



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